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My Corner of the World

Life, love, and whatever else is on my mind

Shacky Supernatural
23 October 1973
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I am a stay at home Mom of two little boys. Besides that, I kind of live in my own little world here living for Nick and Greg slash! I am also the administrator and owner of What Makes the Desert Beautiful a Nick/Greg archive, plus now video's, icons, wallpapers, art, and lots and lots of stories.

I so stole this from 0creativity but isn't it cute

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what makes the desert beautiful

subtext is everything - nickngreg livejournal

nick_greg livejournal community - meta, ficfinder, and discussion

this fandom is love

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Colorbar by outofcontext

Reclaiming Life by kristen999 and shacky20 won/tied for Best Post Grave Danger Ep. Thank you to All. I was honestly surprised to be nominated, let alone win anything.

Bathtime for Nicky won for PWP/Smut Slash 2005 CSI Fan Fiction Awards

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Also my other fanfic and LJ love thanks to saebuffyboy and quettaser and I have you both know you created a monster.

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member of the darker_wesley community

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My Latest and Greatest Canon Couple, Leo and Piper, and my new love of Chamred

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And my other love, Tony Stewart. Just can't get enough of him.