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CSI Clips for vids....

OK, so many of you know (or may not) I used to make video's, several, and somehow over the past couple of years or when my laptop crashed, I lost my clips, yes almost all of them, excpet for several from the end of season 6 to beginning of season 8.... I spent almost two whole years burning and ripping clips from my dvd's, and I also lost my xilisoft deblocking and ripping programs, so first question, anyone have any clips to offer or know where to find somewhere to download them from, and what type of burning and ripping software do you recommned or use for your own.... I have really missed making vids and would love to get back into it, I'm sure I'm a little rusty...
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New fic "Maybe....."

No your eyes do not decieve you, it's been three long years but here's a post ep fic for "Meat Jeckyll".

So I'm mowing the back yard yesterday and Greg starts talking in my head. That hasn't happened in a long time, but there he was, and he wouldn't shut up no matter how many times I said, 'but I don't write anymore...' I'm probably way out of practice, but here it is....

Title: Maybe
Pairing: Nick/Greg
Rating: R
Spoilers: Post Ep for ‘Meat Jeckyll’
Summary: ‘Nick almost died today, again.’ A look inside the thought of Greg Sanders after he leaves the hospital.

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Hope you enjoyed...
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Site Update and Fic Rec List

Update September 2009 - Hey I everyone... I know it's been forever and many of you are wondering when the new site make over will be done. I'm not exactly sure yet, but I will find out what I can. Matt is the only computer genius here, so he is doing it all solo. I will find out what I can. Here's a revamped rec list to help tide you over with some Nick/Greg goodness I have found throughout the years. I added some new favorites I have recently discovered and added new parts to favorite series.. I'm always looking for new stories to add to my list, so feel free to add, and I have a ton more on my computer, some which are no longer posted, so if you're looking for one, let me know.... I or Matt will post with an update soon. Thank you for your patience, and I hope it will be worth the wait.

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And I'm sure there's more, but these are my stand out favorites, and now I can edit this list at will. I know it probably isn't a lot differnet from the list I gave most of you at Talk CSI, but I tried to be a specific as I could, and and hour and a half later, here it is.
I hope you all enjoy.
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See ya in a few days....

Well, I'm outta here for a few days, but have been having a great time catching up with CSI on Spike the last couple of days... Finally got season 8 on dvd and it should be here when I get home.... I will be watching "You Kill Me" first, I love that episode...
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Hello, anyone out there????

Hey guys, yes I'm still here and did not drop off the face of the earth. I know it's been forever, no excuses here, just a little, ok probably not little knowing me, update on what the hell has been going on the last year....

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Sorry for the huge post... missed you all.....
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AHA, I did it, well kind of...

Never fear, What Makes the Desert Beautiful is back up and working.... There was a problem with the old efic script, but they went back and redid some functions and it is up and working again.... Yeah, I'm so excited.... I know this sounds horrible, but I usually do something and the site goes down, and I helped fix it this time... with adult supervision aka Matt...... So it is up and working, so go and get your Nick/Greg fix.....

And to all of you who donated money to the site, thank you so much... I did owe over $300 for hosting, so each and every donation was greatly apreciated...... ENJOY!!!!!
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(no subject)

Hey there, I'm doing what I can to get What Makes the Desert Beautiful, which unfortunately isn't much, I'm trying to get the funds together, at least as much as I can.... But anyway... There are some great fics over at CSI: Forensics Out of the Lab. This site has CSI, Miami, and NY, with all possible pairing, and more... Plus they even have there own Nick/Greg Section

Personally, I'd recommend anything by....Violet_Eyes
Geekwriter, ItGlitters, Realm of Red

Also, anything you can't find by geekwriter143 there, you can find at her site Indulgence"

clockstopper's Fanfiction, especially an all time favorite of mine, "Nick Stokes, Lab Rat"... it's also nice and long, an AU...

Anything by catlover2x, You can find her fanfiction Here, all of her stand alones are great, but if you haven't read the "Greg Sanders, Private Dick" Series yet, go, read, NOW...

rurounihime has fabulous N/G fic.... Here at her LJ site...

serenity151979 has wonderful fic Here Just at the bottom, make sure you click previous, she has pages of fics...

bflyw has a bunch of stories at her site HERE, just click on the titles, I must say, I must recommend "Daily Survival" since she wrote it as a pick me story for me....

anmani has wonderful fic, "Sno, Is it Worth It?, Undercover", and all can be found HERE

Also, saras_girl has fantastic stuff, I just discovered her stories, and I printed them all off and am still reading them, they are at ff.net also, and you can read them Here

Also, two of my all time favorite stories, are by Goody over at FF.NET, they technically fall into the 'friendship' category, but these were some of my favorite stories from way back when I started in this fandom five years ago, and I still love them. One is a short Post Ep for "Let the Seller Beware", Thoughtless Consequences, love this little fic, protective Nick... and this next one, it's several chapter long, it's definitley a hurt/comfort fic, emphasis on the hurt. It's a Post Ep for "Stalker", and it basically only involves Nick and Greg, and to me, to reads more like pre-slash.... I love this story, still one of my favorites.....

And just in case anyone is interested...you can find my fics at my LJ place Shacky20's Fics

Hope this helps for the time being, I will do what I can to get this up ASAP, and some donations have already started coming in, so thank you.....
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