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New Eppy, no spoilers really....... 
4th-Apr-2008 11:10 am
SN Impala True Love
OK, so I had a friend from work come over last night, needless to say we both had shitty days at work..... I called her at 7:40 and she knew it was me and answered the phone "Do you want to go to a bar????", well Tre was at work, so she hopped over with three bottles of wine, and I must remember to eat before I drink that much..... Anyway, so I missed the show but taped it. I was supposed to go to Knoxville today after work by myself, just Kelly time to wind down and chill, but Jacob has had another ear infection since last week, went back yesterday, not any better but now a cough/cold, and he's coughing up junk, so I'm home today anyway....

Back to the show....I'm watching it now, and is it really just a coincidence that both Greg and Nick happen to have a bad cold, and they seem to be making a point of them both suffering, not Cath or Warrick or Jim, but Nick and Greg both have a cold, Hum... wonder how that happened....????? My mind never leaves the gutter, but yeah, more Love shining through, in the sutble little ways they slip in, how cute.... I just love my boys.....

And I'll have a big Jacob update soon, I'll be off for the next several days, Kelly is taking some personal time, my boss has been worried about me, with so much going on, and gave me some personal time, paid, gotta love that.....Off to watch the rest of the show... Think they'll make chicken noodle soup and share it in bed, kleenex everywhere, a nice hot steamy shower together...... See Gutter.....
4th-Apr-2008 04:31 pm (UTC)
I hope the baby feels better soon and you too! *hugs*

All during the show I had those scenarios going through my head about not only how they got sick; but how they were taking care of each other.
4th-Apr-2008 06:47 pm (UTC)
Sorry to hear Jacob isn't feeling well. I hope he gets well soon.

So not a coincidence that Nick and Greg have a cold. You know what happens when people live together... One gets sick, then the other. I snickered my whole way through the moments with those two, especially Nick's comment, "I think I found my reason for getting out of bed this morning." (We all have those morning where we need to justify leaving the wonderful heaven that is bed... especially bed filled with naked/semi-naked Greg.)

They will absolutely make chicken noodle soup to share and then have steamy shower sex... MmMmGood. - come to the gutter, we have booze and hot naked men. (What more do you need?)
4th-Apr-2008 08:50 pm (UTC)
Right now, that's all I need. I'm actually going to Knoxville TN tomorrow to get a few mommy days in, just me... It's been years since I've had a couple nights without the hubby or the kiddies, but I had to put it off a day since he wasn't feeling well this morning... But oh yeah, when they showed Greg all wrapped up with a cold, and I thought, 'wouldn't that be hilarious, but that wouldn't happen', and low and behold, there is poor Nicky, sneezing and coughing, too cute....

Jacob goes in next Thursday for a full panel of allergy tests, that ought to be a joy, but we need to know if there is an underlying cause for all of his problems...
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